Fly, jump, and challenge gravity with our new bungee fitness class!

Buckle on your harness and get your heart rate up to the roof in this fun cardio class.

Bungee offers a low impact, and high-energy full-body workout suspended in the air with bungee cords.

  • Benefits:

Build muscles

Enhance posture

Improve balance and stability

Strengthens the heart

Support weight loss

  • Health restrictions:

-Not suitable for clients with injuries and recently had surgery.

-Not suitable for pregnant women.

-Have neck or back problems

-Weight limit 80 kg maximum.


HIIT the BaRRe

Consider this class your secret recipe to your dream body! YES you read that right.. the perfect mix of Cardio and BARRE! This fast-paced class will keep you and your muscles wondering when the burn will be over and what are these new muscles you are feeling! Each class is designed differently meaning no two classes are the same, but that won’t be the only thing bringing you back.. your ultimate results will keep you coming back for more!


Combining reformer moves, yoga moves, and barre moves on this roller! A versatile portable exercise system that combines balance, stability, and release work on a foam roller with an independent pulley system of resistant bands.The Motr Activates multiple muscle groups, delivers strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular benefits as well as encourages proper alignment and healthy movement patterns.

MUSEment Barre

It’s all about the beat here.. HD will choreograph your way into your glutes, abs, arms, legs, back, and shoulders with every beat.. Let the music take control of the burn and get you through every PULSE.. A total body workout made to tone and lengthen your muscles as well as activate your
metabolism. Before you know it, class is over and you know you would repeat it all over again..

Pro Form Pilates

Tone, sculpt, and shape every muscle like a Pro! Improve your posture and enhance your performance on the Reformer Pilates machine, whether your a beginner getting to understand the movement or an athlete enhancing your strength to stronger resistance.

Seamless LINES

In this class the target will be to align, lengthen, and strengthen your muscles. You will be pushed into developing a strong “Power House” (your core). Each class will enhance and challenge your strength and flexibility as well as improve your coordination and balance. Each class will enhance and challenge your strength and flexibility as well as improve your coordination and balance.

Sore to the Core

This class will target your entire core area meaning your Abs, obliques, lower, mid, and upper back. Because that’s just what you want to be SORE to your CORE!

Strength & Length

A full body workout designed to define, strengthen, and lengthen every muscle in your body. Building lean muscles, body definition, and perfecting your posture. A feel good class that you won’t want to skip!

TNT (Trim and Tone)

If you are familiar with the word TNT then we are sure you can relate to how this class is going to be. JUST LIKE A TICKING BOMB! All about Resistance, pulses and explosive moves to work your slow and fast-twitch muscles to point of failure and to get you TRIMMED & TONED !


Suspended toning exercises paired up with nothing better but BARRE! An incredible tone class that will challenge your core just enough for balance and your muscles just enough to feel the ultimate burn!