Combining reformer moves, yoga moves, and barre moves on this roller! A versatile portable exercise system that combines balance, stability, and release work on a foam roller with an independent pulley system of resistant bands.The Motr Activates multiple muscle groups, delivers strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular benefits as well as encourages proper alignment and healthy movement patterns.


A thriving and more athletic approach to that muscle burn. A class designed to ReDefine & tone every muscle in every way, improving muscular strength, endurance, and maximizing fat burn.. (An Upper BODY +Lower BODY burn)

Sore to the Core

This class will target your entire core area meaning your Abs, obliques, lower, mid, and upper back. Because that’s just what you want to be SORE to your CORE!


The class name is pretty clear on what to expect from this class. EXPECT some serious ABS! Lets not forget that abs are truly made in the kitchen, however, this class will amp them up!