Pro Form Pilates

Tone, sculpt, and shape every muscle like a Pro! Improve your posture and enhance your performance on the Reformer Pilates machine, whether your a beginner getting to understand the movement or an athlete enhancing your strength to stronger resistance.

Reformer HIIT Flow

This class is def. not your usual PILATES class nor your usual HIIT class! Using pilates machines as well as pilates mat exercises with a cardio twist to get the heart beating out of your chest, muscles challenged to your very best, and fat screaming because theres def. no rest!

Contemporary Reformer

A contemporary twist on the traditional Pilates exercises. A challenging and innovating pilates class. Each class is designed differently & exceptionally to work your entire body! Modifications will be offered when needed to make the class more or less challenging.

Athletic Reformer

A more athletic approach to the reformer with a contemporary twist. Incorporating different pieces of equipment as well as weights every class, changing it up to challenge your small & large muscles finding yourself changing and improving by the class! Def. not your ordinary reformer class, prepare to be challenged and prepare to SWEAT!