Cycle and Flow

Spice up your ride and experience the best of both worlds! Start with a RIDE and end with a dynamic and spiritually energizing yoga flow! Finding internal balance, opening tight muscles, and letting go!

Cycling + Yoga

CyKill & ABS

A cardio workout on a stationary bike that was designed to kill any negative thoughts of feeling weak or less of yourself. Ending the session with crushing your. You will push your limits, you will exceed, you will reach your goals, and you will perfect it!


Cykill+Pilates= Cykillates A crazy fun high intensity indoor ride followed by a short and sweet pilates burn.

MUSEment Ride

Increasing power and speed to the beat of the music. Creator of MUSEment, HD, will take you beyond your ride through the beat of the music increasing your power, strength, and speed.. one pedal at a time, one dumbbell at a time, and one beat at a time!

RRR (Ride, Recover, & Recharge)

The best way to recharge is to recover and the best way to recover is to hiit a quick an intensive heart pumping cycling ride that will warm up each and every muscle in your body to prepare it for the ultimate stretch.

CyKill & Drenched!

Get ready to get DRENCHED on and off the bike! Sky rocketing heart rate enough to push your limits and beyond! Your in for a fast paced total body workout! Super motivating, lots of strength and incredible endurance!