Fly, jump, and challenge gravity with our new bungee fitness class!

Buckle on your harness and get your heart rate up to the roof in this fun cardio class.

Bungee offers a low impact, and high-energy full-body workout suspended in the air with bungee cords.

  • Benefits:

Build muscles

Enhance posture

Improve balance and stability

Strengthens the heart

Support weight loss

  • Health restrictions:

-Not suitable for clients with injuries and recently had surgery.

-Not suitable for pregnant women.

-Have neck or back problems

-Weight limit 80 kg maximum.



Experience a fun dynamic conditioning class. 20 seconds of high intensity interval training and 10 seconds of rest.

Workout shoes required. (Note: Yeezy’s are not considered workout shoes)

Great for: Strength/Tone/Weightloss



Your perfect cheat meal burn class! A combination of High intensity, endurance, training and ABS!

Workout shoes required. (Note: Yeezy’s are not considered workout shoes)

Great for: Strength/Tone/Weightloss/Abs



Its time to take that flab to rehab! Sculpt, tone, and define your UPPER body to get that long and lean physique. A class designed to work everything above the belt! Arms, chest, back, shoulders, and Abs.Master the art of using your body weight with and without props!

Arms + Abs

Guns & Buns

Load them guns and bake them buns! A class focusing on arms and glutes!

Flips & Tricks

Experience yoga on and off of the ground! Perfecting not only your yoga flows but also improving your blood flow, flexibility, gaining strength, and lots of confidence!

Static Meltdown

This class is strength training at its finest. Using static isometric moves to create an insane burn. Designed to wake up all the hidden small muscles with an additional cardio meltdown to get your heart racing to it.

TNT (Trim and Tone)

If you are familiar with the word TNT then we are sure you can relate to how this class is going to be. JUST LIKE A TICKING BOMB! All about Resistance, pulses and explosive moves to work your slow and fast-twitch muscles to point of failure and to get you TRIMMED & TONED !


Like bootcamp but BETTER! Explosive moves, alternating between cardio and strength intervals. Using not only weights, steps, bosu, balls, and ropes, but also your very own body weight. This is where you’ll werk it to burn fat and reshape your body. You’re in for a killer workout.