Dont be fooled by the shy person you first meet. When you join Saria’s class you’ll see the true TRAINER in her. NO EXCUSES. In her classes you’ll be asked to track your own progress and witness your own GROWTH.


To Hala, fitness isn’t just a duty or an activity; it’s giving your body what it deserves. This bubbly, energetic, trooper doesn’t just change bodies...She changes lives.

Ghazal Albakri

From a hobby to a career, ghazl’s passion and love for fitness changed her path. She’ll ease your path toward your goals and always let you discover the best version of yourself. Her classes are all about intensity, adrenaline pump, dedication and determination. Whether it was strength, cardio, or aerial. Motto: always go beyond your limits.


Ghalia is an enthusiastic and compassionate fitness lover who has devoted herself to children’s fitness for several years.


Passionate, ambitious, and full of energy With a growing passion to health and fitness, Rahaf decided to take that step to implant it to other people’s lives & bodies.


Aisha is a UK Certified British Personal Trainer with a passion for health and fitness. She is even more passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. For Aisha, exercise has always been about how it makes her feel mentally more than how it makes her look. Aisha would love to share this zeal with you in the hope it will help you in your journey to becoming the best version of you.